Masters Mix Pellets - 10 to 80 lbs

Masters Mix Pellets - 10 to 80 lbs
Masters Mix Pellets - 10 to 80 lbs

Masters Mix Pellets - 10 to 80 lbs

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Masters Mix pellets for mushroom growing (mycology)  are 50% Oak and 50% Soy Hulls blended together as fibers and compressed into pellet form. This provides an ideal substrate for growing many varieties of mushrooms, while reducing labor and measurement involved in mixing sawdust and supplements together. Simply add an appropriate amount of water to our pellets, mix and add to your favorite grow bag then pasteurize or sterilize.

The power of this mix as a substrate cannot be overestimated. For many varieties of mushroom, this is the best growth medium imaginable.  Some of our growers have reported gains in their flushes at least double the size, and that the mushrooms appear healthier as well. This helps the growers not only grow more, but ultimately sell more as well.

  • Mix ratio is 38% pellets, 62% water
  • To make a 10 pound block use 3.8 pounds of pellets and 6.2 pounds of water
  • To make a 5 pound block use 1.9 pounds of pellets and 3.1 pounds of water
  • To make a 5 kilogram block use 1900 grams of pellets and 3100 grams of water
  • To make a 2 kilogram block use 760 grams of pellets and 1240 grams of water

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