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The founder of has been an avid mushroom cultivator for many years. Last year, he decided to turn his passion for mycology into a business. The founder brought more than 25 years of business ownership and operational experience to the table. With the exploding interest in mushrooms across North America, it is certain that this business will thrive and be profitable for all who decide to join us. Our company has a strong foothold in manufacturing and engineering, allowing us to create unique products and supplies. 

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Participate in our business growth by joining our Share A Sale affiliate network. Signing up is simple, just use the following hyperlink:



  • Healthy sales commissions on purchases your content generates
  • Exclusive access to our products for review
  • Exclusive access to our beta test program
  • Affiliate newsletters with inside industry information and early notice about upcoming products

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We recognize that your followers are important to you and our non-commissioned sales and support staff promises to serve and respect them as you would.  We are in this business for the long term and understand that this close-knit community must be treated with respect and care.

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Don't worry, we do not require an exclusive agreement.  Diversify your earnings potential by working with us as well as expanding your reputation as ambassador to all things astronomy. 

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We use, a large and well-respected affiliate tracking and commission network.  All of your traffic is automatically meticulously tracked so you don't miss out on any hard earned commissions. Feel confident that your efforts will always be rewarded.

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Once your account is approved you can begin publishing our affiliate links and begin earning commissions.  We look forward to working with you!