Q,There seems to be a lot of moisture in my AIOB and the grains appear mushy. Is this bag still good/okay to use?

A. With every shipment we include an insert called “Quick Tips for Success”. There is a paragraph in red ink that explains this. It reads:

    The contents of your AIOB may have shifted during shipping. Gently massage rye grain layer to redistribute and even out the moisture content. For best results, allow bags to rest for 24-48 hours before inoculating and use within 30 days. Perishable, use as soon as possible!

    If your grain is discolored pink and or green, however, it is likely contamination. If that is the case, please take pictures and send them to us at orders@mycology-supply.com . All claims must be made within (4) days of receiving your order. Anything past the 4-day mark will be denied a replacement or refund.


     Q. My bag(s) arrived split (or has a hole), can I still use it?

    A. We do not recommend using a compromised bag. Holes or tears where air can get in allow for contamination.

    We autoclave (sterilize) every bag that leaves the facility so the bags are fresh when they ship. If you have a compromised bag, take a picture of damage and send it to us at orders@mycology-supply.com . All claims must be made within 4 days of receiving your order. Anything past the (4) day mark will be denied replacement or refund as per our policy on perishable items.

    If the Post Office or UPS has damaged the package causing the contents to spill, please document this evidence as we will make a postal claim to recoup the loss on our end as well.


    Q. I just received my All In One bag(s) and I’ve never done this before, what do I do?

      A. We have several online resources to help you through this process. Here is a video of the business owner Cary demonstrating how to properly use our All-in-one bags: https://youtu.be/4ni7kaVb_IA

      Included with your shipment is a handout/flyer titled "Quick Tips for Success". The early life cycle of mushrooms are delicate and prone to contamination. This guide offers some quick tips to maximize the performance of your all-in-one-bag(s).


      Q. Can I transfer my all-in-one-bag to a Monotub?
        A. The quick answer is yes. We recommend this video as a guide to using mono tubs:


        We have other helpful videos to guide your mushroom growing adventure located on our website under the “Learning” tab.


        Q. I ordered a Model 1 Laminar flow hood, and it doesn’t seem to be pushing very much air. Is it working correctly?

          A. Yes. The Laminar flow hoods are designed to create a laminar flow. They are tested to push 100’ per minute. The interior fan is pushing air through the pre-filter and filter.

          The flow hood is not designed to work like a fan, it’s simply meant to create positive air pressure through a HEPA filter to your workspace.

          Our owner stands behind this product and encourages its use.

          If you still feel your flow hood is not working properly, you are welcome to ship it to us at your own expense. We will test the flow hood. If it is indeed malfunctioning, we will replace it and refund your shipping expenses.

          If the unit works as intended you will be responsible for shipping the item back to yourself.


          Q. How does the Model 2 Bio Hood work?
            A. The Bio Hood uses a top-down laminar flow in a bio hood for a sterile grow environment. The Model 1 unit is placed in a cradle on the top of the Biohood and can be plugged directly into the model 2 which can then be plugged into an AC outlet.


            Q. Why is there a Model 2 and a Model 2 “Base Only”, what is the difference?

            A. The Model 2 is a Bio hood that comes with a Model 1 to create Top-Down Laminar air flow.

            The Model 2 “Base Only” is the Bio-Hood WITHOUT the Model 1.

            Ordering the “Base Only” option assumes that you already own a model 1. Without the Model 1, you will have no air flow in the bio hood. Be sure if you are ordering the “Base Only” that you already have the Model 1, otherwise you will need to purchase the full Model 2.


            Q. Where is my order?
              A. We try to process orders within 3-5 business days. However, we are a small company and occasionally there are production delays due to shipments, inventory, on-hand staff and other unforeseen occurrences. You can check the status of your order by logging into your account here

              We send a shipping/tracking number to your email when your order is processed and ready to ship. Be sure to check your junk email folder as sometimes our communications can sometimes end up there. If you still have concerns you can contact us orders@mycology-supply.com Please have your order# handy as that is the easiest way for us to locate your order quickly.


              Q. The product says, “Free Shipping”. Why am I being charged for shipping?
                A. Not all our products ship free. That said, some of our products do include “Free Shipping” within the CONUS (Contiguous United States) includes the 48 contiguous states but not Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the other US territories.

                If you are in the CONUS and are still being charged, it could be a glitch. Please contact us orders@mycology-supply.com and we will try to fix the issue.