Substrate Pasteurization Controller (steam sterilizer) (110v)

Substrate Pasteurization Controller (steam sterilizer) (110v)
Substrate Pasteurization Controller (steam sterilizer) (110v)

Substrate Pasteurization Controller (steam sterilizer) (110v)

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Use our robust PID with Timer controller to control your atmospheric steam sterilization setups (barrel) for mushroom growing (mycology). 

Operation is simple, once setup simply press the start button and the controller will heat your unit to the programmed temperature for the time set on the timer controller (we typically use a 8-12 hour timer setting). 

Once complete the unit will turn off and return to room temperature. This unit may also be configured to control steam boiler output. 

Unit Includes:

  • Control electronics mounted in a professional enclosure
  • Clear labeling for easy use
  • Internal Solid State relays to control up to 100 amp loads
  • RTD Temperature Probe for 1/2" with MPT fitting
  • Heavy gauge line cord
  • Heavy gauge cord for heater element
  • 110v single phase customizable
  • Centigrade or Fahrenheit Options


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