BRF / PF Tek Mushroom Substrate Bags

BRF / PF Tek Mushroom Substrate Bags

BRF / PF Tek Mushroom Substrate Bags

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This is the next step in the evolution of BRF TEK for mushroom growing (mycology)!

It is well known that the amount of substrate you use is directly proportional to the amount of mushrooms you will produce.  Classic BRF jars contain approximately 83 grams of media and will produce 20 grams of mushrooms at most (wet weight).  Our BRF Tek bags contain 1200 grams of media which allows them to produce 125 grams of wet mushroom weight. Because we leave out the expense of the jars the cost is much less.  In addition you can skip the classic fruiting chamber business and fruit them right in the bag.

Our giant BRF Mushroom Substrate Cakes contain  1200 grams of Organic Brown Rice Flour, Vermiculite and water mix. Sterilized in our professional autoclave and include a self-sealing injection port.  Better than BRF / PF Tek Jars!  Two bags equal the same as 12 1/2 pint jars.  In addition, shipping is much cheaper because we are not shipping a bunch of heavy glass.

BRF jars/bags are the perfect growing medium for many species of mushrooms.  Inject your genetics through the grey injection port.  Bag contains a gas exchange filter for proper oxygen levels.  Once your BRF jar is fully colonized the bake is turned out into your fruiting chamber and mushrooms will grow within a few days.  Alternatively, one can skip the fruiting chamber by simply cutting the very top of the bag off to periodically mist and vent the bag, then re-seal with a clip.  See our learning section for videos that show the process step by step.

This listing is for two bags.

 Perishable, inoculate as soon as possible after receiving.


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