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What is Biological Efficiency? 

Biological Efficiency (or BE for short) describes the yield potentials of mushrooms from various substrates. Simply put, a yield of 1 pound of fresh mushrooms from 1 pound of dry substrate is considered to be 100% Biological Efficiency.

With a good bulk substrate under optimal conditions for the species, 100% BE is easy to attain. 200 to 300% BE can even be reached, once you have it down right. Blue oyster mushrooms are known for having high BE, meanwhile more delicate mushrooms such as golden oysters or slow growing mushrooms such as reishi typically have lower biological efficiency. 

Since mushrooms are approximately 90% water and the base substrate is typically raised to 70 - 75% moisture, 100% Biological Efficiency is equivalent to saying that about 25% of the wet mass of the substrate is converted into fresh mushrooms. Thus, with our 5 pound All-in-One Bags, at 100% BE you would have a yield of 2.25 pounds of fresh mushrooms. Compare that to a more expensive 2.6 pound All-in-One Bag from our competitor which would yield only 1.95 pounds of mushrooms at the same BE. 

How Is Mycology-Supply Able to Provide Better Value? 

Our company has decades of experience in engineering as well as mycology. When we see a task that can be automated, we build the machinery needed to do it. See for example, our automatic bagger, which allows us to save labor time when scooping while also ensuring correct ratios of media and moisture. In addition, our commercial autoclave allows us to make a large quantity of bags at once. 
In addition, our company is based in Sacramento County, which is in the heart of California agriculture, allowing us to source many of our supplies locally and save on freight shipping. We pass these discounts on to you! 

More Media = More Mushrooms. What more could you want?  

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