All-in-One Bags

Watch our tutorial or read the steps below to learn how to use our All-in-One Grow Bags! 


Our All-in-One Bags (AIOB) contain sterilized grain on the bottom with bulk grow media on top, sealed and sterilized in a commercial autoclave.


Here are the steps to having multiple successful harvests: 

  1. Have a syringe of spores or liquid culture for the species you want to grow.
  2. Use some alcohol to spray the area around the injection port down. Let it soak for a minute and wipe it off.
  3. Pierce the bag through the injection port and inject the spores or culture. Most spore syringes or cultures syringes need 1-3 mL of solution per bag. You could do up to five bags with a single syringe.
  4. Keep it at room temperature. If you're comfortable, your mushrooms are comfortable. Somewhere between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit is good. 
  5. After anywhere from four to ten days, you'll start to see the mycelium colonize the bag. You will see it colonize the grain and move up into the bulk media over time to make it to the top.
  6. If you have a top fruiting-species, it will start pinning in the bag. You want to be patient and leave it in the bag sealed. It has enough moisture in it already to start fruiting.
  7. Once you start to see the little mushrooms fruit, then you can cut just below the seal and let in a little fresh air. Fold the bag and clip it. Open and close it several times a day to let in some fresh air. The mushrooms detect the oxygen content (or rather, more importantly, they detect the lack of CO2!)
  8. You'll have fresh mushrooms in 30 to 60 days! 

    Note: If you are going to grow a side fruiting species such as a hardwood species, you will want to use our wood lover's bag and follow the same steps until fruiting time. Instead of cutting the top of the bag, make a "X" slit and mist with water a couple of times a day. The mushrooms will fruit out of the side of the bag.

    Get started today! Mushroom growing is super easy with our All-in-One Bags! 

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